Status and Setting Leaders Up for Success
Richard Lim 2020-05-19

In a society with a strong culture of Achieved status, you work hard and put in long hours to achieve, discover or develop something significant. As a result, you get…

Accountability and Performance
Richard Lim 2020-05-12

Are you guided more by what you personally desire in life, or by what is approved of in the communities you’re a part of? In the dimension of Accountability, people…

Communication in Performance Management
Richard Lim 2020-05-05

Have you ever been stunned by the bluntness of a colleague? Or only after a project falls apart, realized your boss's vague hints were meant to help you see major…

Planning and Scheduling
Richard Lim 2020-04-28

Planning describes the way we prioritize our lives.

How do you plan, and what is at the center of your priorities? The two poles of…

Cultural Bases for Decision Making
Richard Lim 2020-04-22

Decision-Making is the eighth dimension for mapping our intercultural terrain.

If you’re familiar with cultural theory, you will have…

The Role of Emotions
Richard Lim 2020-04-14

Have you met someone for the first time and found their behavior cold and distant? Perhaps they seemed non-communicative and you simply couldn’t read them. Today we're…

Inclusive and Exclusive Information Sharing
Richard Lim 2020-04-07

Connecting has to do with information, and how freely it is shared.  Connecting focuses on two things: how people enter the physical space of social interaction, and the…

Intercultural Mistakes Cost Money and Time
Richard Lim 2020-04-07

For our final Three Colors of Worldview case study, we'll consider an approach to implementing IT projects that wasted millions of dollars because its blueprinting…

From Formal to Informal
Richard Lim 2020-03-31

What do you notice first in a new intercultural situation? Is it people's clothes? How people greet each other? These things are part of the dimension of Context: the…

The Global World of Finance
Richard Lim 2020-03-30
The ‘global’ financial world as we know it today was built around an Innocence/Guilt way of thinking. Legal codes in primarily Innocence/Guilt countries tend to be extensive and extremely detailed,…
Richard Lim 2020-03-26

Destiny has us covering the fourth dimension of culture today.

Destiny is about how much control you think you have over your life:…

The Inter-Cultural Manager:  Directing and Delegating
Richard Lim 2020-03-24
My boss doesn’t give sufficient details when I get delegated a task. But I think that asking clarifying questions is not appropriate, so how do I figure out what to do?
Understanding Traffic from an Intercultural Perspective
Richard Lim 2020-03-24
Many of us have traveled to or lived in other countries where we had to switch the side we drive on, get used to police officers (trying to) regulate traffic, learn to navigate “roundabouts” or…



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